On a recent trip to New Orleans I visited 2 unique museums along with other fabulous and spooky spots. The first was the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. What a strange and wonderful place….

library of herbs

Um, yea..women were pretty much drugged from puberty

Oh and, yes, folks, it's cocaine for your kids!

Lovely leeches...

Something stuck in your throat?..yikes!

So now that we’re all glad to be alive in this century….The next museum of interest was the Audubon Insectarium. This place has more bugs than any person, however interested, needs to see (my personal opinion). I did love the beautiful displays and the butterfly encounter. The “insect cooking demonstration and tastings” I leave to braver souls than I.


bee display

beetle display

Um, yea, beetle wing necklace...

another beetle display

butterfly coocoon

live butterflies

Onward…You can’t go to New Orleans without a cemetery visit and a walk down Magazine Street. First we visited St. Roch Cemeteries. They are beautiful cemeteries located near the upper 9th ward. Here’s some text from their site:

“At the height of the yellow fever epidemic of 1867, a German priest named Rev. Peter Leonard Thevis arrived in New Orleans. Faced with the severity of the yellow fever epidemic, he turned to God invoking the intercession of St. Roch, the patron of good health. He promised that if no one in his parish should die from the fever, he would erect a chapel in honor of the Saint. Amazingly, not one member of Holy Trinity died from yellow fever, either in the epidemic of 1867 or 1878.”

St. Roch Shrine


Room next to the shrine adorned with prosthetics from "healed" believers

Magazine street is one of my favorite shopping places. My husband and I filled our house with light fixtures on our last Magazine Street shopping spree. Here’s a few of my favorite finds from our stroll…

antique church banners

religious robes

awesome, antique, un-even bars

great leather chair