Witnessing the work of William Kentridge was like being struck in the head and heart. I first saw his work at the New Maxxi Museum in Rome which by great luck had opened the month we were there (photos in a previous entry). The installation was a miniature theatre built with 6 or so seats which played The Magic Flute. In the early 90’s he gained wide acclaim for his animation art. Everything in black charcoal and pencil except for bits of red and blue,  his imagery causes a pensive emotional stir.  The music and sound effects are poignantly paired as well.  I look forward to discovering much more of WIlliam Kentridge and his work. I highly recommend spending some time with the following videos, they are must see projects in my book:

William Kentridge – Sobriety, Obesity & Growing Old (1991)

William Kentridge – Weighing… and Wanting (1997)

William Kentridge – Mine (1991)